Fishtech Lures Fishtech Lures
Fishtech Lures Fishtech Lures
Fishtech Lures
Fishtech spinnerbaits are made from quality products and tuned to run right. All bait wires are bent by Fishtech for better control. Paint schemes and skirt colors are proven winners and the paint used is rock hard and extremely tough. Blades will produce the vibration and flash to draw the big bite. Note-Roller swivels are used NOT ball bearing to save you the grief of sand, grass and rust stuck blades. Hooks are laser sharp Eagleclaw, the standard for past 50 years.
1 - White 10 - Black/Yellow 11 - Black/White 2 - White/Blue
3 - White/Red 4 - Yellow Chartreuse 5 - Yellow Chartreuse/Electric Blue 6 - Yellow Chartreuse/Electric Red
7 - Yellow Chartreuse/White 8 - Firetiger 9 - Black  
Price: $4.00