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Easy Money Arky Style Jigs
Easy Money Arky Style Jigs
Easy Money Jigs are made with quality and BIG Fish in mind. BASS, FLW and other serious tournament anglers have purchased Football Jigs in large sizes from FISHTECH LURES. Mustad ultra-Point hooks, with heavy wire are used on all models. These hooks were chosen for strength and penetration. You can lift a 6lb fish in the boat or move it out of a tree! Paint is rock hard and ultra tough. Great attention is given to the PLASTIC keeper or keepers as the case may be. No slipped plastic here. Skirts are made from silicone in proven bite getting colors. Custom colors and materials are available. Call!

Head colors for all bass jigs are black, brown, or green pumpkin. Appropriate head color for each skirt will be used.

The large rattles are removable from rattle band are are replaceable. Rattles not in place.
1 - Brown/Electric Purple 10 - Pumpkin/Green Foil Pumpkin 11 - PB&J Orange Jam 12 - Green Pumpkin Plus Orange & Grape Jam
2 - Chocolate Brown 3 - Black/Blueberry 4 - Peanut Butter & Jelly 5 - Kelly's Jelly
6 - Black 7 - Green Pumpkin 8 - Watermelon/Red Flake 9 - Pumpkin/Pumplin Print